Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The new monday night hot spot.

Heya folks,

J.Edwin Bishop is running a show on Monday nights thats alot of fun! The idea here is that since the writers strike is on lets make our own. Starting at 8pm there we be a weekly play put on based on some of televisions bes..er worst. Also there will be music to follow and readings or whatever. So if your looking for something to do on Mondays or wanna show off your stuff head down the the 400 bar. Here is a snipet of last weeks show enjoy!

later, dady

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rearm yourself!!

I thought I was done with consoles. Now look what the bastards have done....'


Monday, January 07, 2008


While at work I have the pleasure of listening intently to music. Minneapolis is also lucky to have several public stations without commercial interruption. However music is very different today. Some would argue it's all commercial anyways, and to some degree I am of the same opinion. Ever heard a great single and bought the album only to hear a whole lot of shite? Seems the complete album is disappearing. Critics often hold that exact sentiment. while I tend to be rather cynical, I choose to remain optimistic for the future of the album and music in general.

Top Ten albums of 2007:
#1 Meaning of 8 - Cloud Cult
#2 Challengers- The New Pornographers
#3 100 days and 100 nights- Sharon Jones and the Dapp kings
#4 The Undisputed Truth- Brother Ali
#5 Writers Block- Peter, Bjorn, and John
#6 Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga- Spoon
#7 Sky Blue Sky- Wilco
#8 We were dead before the ship even sank- Modest Mouse
#9 None Shall Pass- AESOP Rock
#10 Beyond- Dinosaur Jr.