Sunday, December 24, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like a police beating...

Hey yall in spirit of the holiday I thought id throw in a few of the 5-0's recent best hits.

How about one for us


Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Christmas

Yes happy Christmas indeed. In fact if I ever own a business the proper procedure will be to wish folks a "happy Christmas." Just wanna see folks react to being wished a joyful holiday with a non traditional method.

Man behind my counter: "Happy Christmas!"

Customer: "It is merry Christmas."

Man "sure, whatever, that's how we say it here."

Customer: "that's how your islama fascist friends must say it too."

Me: say nothing but motion towards my crotch with hands.

anyhoo the city pages had an article by Jim Walsh that was like insurgent's cop training in MPLS. Only Walsh got blown away before even firing one shot. He does tell a story about a perp hitting a cop in the throat from 50 yards away while laying on the ground. "Sometimes the bad guys get lucky." look for it next time ya out.

Also listen for commercials about dui lawyers and bail bonds companies. These mock advertisements are a shame. They make it sound comical to get a dui and that you are lucky they are here to help. One hand scratches the other I guess those lousy fuckers!

Goodbye 2006 come on 2007

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Milk milk lemonade....

Hey did yall see the 30 box car pile up in coon crapids? It was pretty much in the backyard of a work buddies house. At least he got some peace and quiet trains run on the hour all day and night.

Tam Tam's African restaurant here on the west bank is terrific. I wished id gone sooner. gotta like African and Indian inspired foods though.

Daddy did some x-mas shopping since Santa is in jail this year so expect some goodies.

The Deer Hunter is considered a great movie. I found it was kind of a let down. A very long movie trying to establish a brotherhood that will forever be changed by Vietnam war and PTS disorder. Skip it and watch Apocalypse now these three hours are much better invested.

daddy sang bass...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hold steady fans wtf??

I would like to know why people like the hold steady other than that they used to be a local band and that they name drop Minnesota towns and streets. I admit I was suckered in by one song that I found amusing and clever. The rest of the album is terrible. Please let me know why this band is appearing on so many best of 2006 music lists?

Looks like my new job is going to require two weeks of daytime training. Boo. I look forward to the change though and expect good things. My old friend Katie from high school and I will be sharing a desk. Look forward to more news. IM sure your dying to find out what will happen for daddy.

"A Scanner Darkly" is proving to be an even better read than I first thought. P.K. Dick is an excellent writer check him out next time your at the shop or borrow one of mine. Seriously do yourself the favor.

time for sleep

Thursday, December 14, 2006

sry no copypasta

I read in the paper that sex offenders at least ones found guilty are required now to admit what they have done in therapy or receive longer sentences. So even if the defendant never pleads guilty and never takes a plea bargain he is forced into a decision on whether to stay in jail longer or admit something they may not have done. WTF

anybody know anything about mystery shopping? I was thinking of giving it a part time trial to see if I can make some cash on the side. Let me know if anyone has done this or knows anything about it.
Hasta luego,

Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa has the right to....

Heya folks hope you've gotten to see the new Home Depot commercial where a state trooper pulls Santa over in his helicopter and then precedes to search and detain Santa for not having any ID or registration. "I guess the gift giving is up to you this year."

The onion has long past into mediocrity but Noel Murray and av section does still contain a spark from time to time. I love the commentary of the damned section. Check it out sometime always hilarious. There is a reference to a movie with Chris Elliot the star of Get A Life. I can only hope Adult Swim ads this classic to its infamous time slot. You know the one that gives people an angry scowl and encourages comments like, "oh how I loath you pee wee!"

get well,

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Al Frankin and Garrison Keillor are Lee's buddies

Another week gone by so quick. Looks to be the end of January when I will start my new job with Target Corp. At the alarm center. I look forward to a fresh start this year being as 2006 was one of the worst in terms of luck and well being. I attended my first rollergirls bout and had a good time. I cant say that I think ringside is the "place" to be but that is what the hard core boys like. I think of it like sitting behind the goal post when you would rather be on the 50 yard line. Also concrete and ass don't agree. I like the Dagger Dolls and think ill cheer them on. Lee's love mitzi was not too impressive in fact Jawbreaker lead the team. Expect DDO copies for Christmas the perfect gift.
Stay loose ya bastards

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday cant trust that day..

Hey hey good news Diemer the infamous is going to join DDO soon. That makes two out of the six needed to roll on with the good times. Hit me up if interested I'd like to get the ball rolling on this. In other news, the U.S. plans a permanent base on the moon by 2020. I think its time we reach out beyond our little rock for the universes, however scared I am by whose at the helm. Good reading material on this subject is a collection called "The past through tomorrow" by Robert Heinlein. I know your thinking daddy dislikes Heinlein but never the less this is a good read. The stories are all short and take place about now until about a few hundred years ago. Each story jumps to the next generation and so on. My favorite section is about two men who build a corporation and get kids to fund it. The plan is to buy all the land on earth that is directly below the moon so they can own the moon and colonize it privately. That is impressive ideology for the forties and fifties.
daddy says stay warm kids.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Hey folks I recently applied for a new position with the company and what do ya know? A buck raise and a fresh new start for daddy this Christmas. The schedule sounds to be Monday thru Friday overnights still. IM not sure but there may be some weekends in there ill let brenn know so his poker game can live on. Besides it aint poker without daddy holiday. Vegas is a stone go lets put this thing on paper already!

DDO update still no brenn dammit. I was questing with some fellas who were funny and a good bunch. I then found out they were police officers in some town in Georgia. They began to talk about new York and how the feds got involved and now that is the model for America. I enjoyed listening to them trash the gov and how they hate being revenue collectors. Then one of em says, " I wish we could just do what we are supposed to do, make sure people are doing what they are supposed to be doing." I was pretty much quiet until this bastard let out this last comment. I asked him if they have the blue wall in Georgia. They did not like that and I insisted that with the bad outcomes of so many situations they would need one to keep their jobs. Well I was booted from the party and that brings me back to my quest to start a meetup so I can enjoy my hobby without having to deal with the average maniac. Feel free to respond people.

Thanks for you time friends,

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Return of the Warbucks

Hey all its been awhile but IM back. Lets start with some news. Gentry plead guilty to the slaying of the ferocious animal known as "cubby". To hell with money, this turd should get time in the clink. What a goddamn coward. If Montgomery had testes he would dump this champion tame game slayer and go solo. Its good to hear that bloomberg is "disturbed" by the news of three unarmed men who were shot at fifty times by officers "but lets not jump to conclusions." I wonder if o'reily would expect to be shot at fifty times if he was leaving a strip club and being rowdy if Irish men were profiled as such? Expect fox news to pin medals on these dirty harrys'.

Picked up "naked Lunch" been wanting to read it for some time now. I'll let you know how it goes. Id love to hear what yall recommend for reading material just drop me a line and I'll try and get around to it.

I finaly know why Clint eastwood's female boxer movie was called "milliondollar baby." The film is the "baby" and million dollars is what he paid to win three academy awards. Does Morgan freeman know yet that he is officially the new James earl Jones? Enough with the damn narration. The guy will be doing B karate movies soon, get ready for that. The whole mess was uninspired and such a bore. Not a feel good movie; just an Im pissed off cause I wasted a rent movie. Hillary swank's southern accent is worse than tom hanks and he sounds like a backwards retard.
million dollar Baby is my WTF of the week.

be good spread love,

Saturday, November 25, 2006

DDO Meetup needs your help....

Hey yall if interested I'd like to start a weekly guild in the always interesting world of D&D online. I have much experience with this game and could lead us through many entertaining evenings and mornings or whenever. There is a little bit of a commitment to make with this game. It requires at least six individuals to play through each quest so it is very group involved. There is a little cost to the game which ill explain. The game is on the cheap now, I have seen it for ten bucks on eBay less if you wait for the auction to end. There is a monthly fee which is standard for MMO style games if you get a quarterly or year package I think it comes to like ten bucks a month. You will also want a USB headset for online chat in game. Those can be picked up at any electronics outlet for fifteen bucks, I recommend the Play Station model it works just the same with your PC USB slot. So its like twenty five bucks to give it a shot because the first month is free with game. If anyone is interested they can post here or find me (daddywarbucks) through the regular channels. Look forward to hearing from ya. Look for more posts in the future on other subjects and such.

Monday, November 06, 2006