Saturday, January 20, 2007

A film daddy likes?

Hey I went to the new movie plex out in Roseville by the mall last Monday. They really did not know what they were doing. First of all they should have made two entrances. One would be connected to the mall and another from the back outside. The only boxoffice is outside at a window with no canopy. I understand that it is hard to round everyone inside because of space, but for gods sake put up a cover from the elements. I have no problem with cold temps but many will complain about standing outside waiting. This oversight is going to cost them huge in the future. Then again they will just juice folks for their admission to pay for their grievances with the establishment. Nine bucks for off matinee films you can almost buy it when released on DVD. Otherwise its a beautiful building with all the bells and whistles like imitation butter sludge pumps. Comfy seating too.

The movie I saw was children of Men. The movie had Clive Owen and Juileanne Moore. It also had the guy who played the operative in Serenity and other stuff IM sure. Anyways this film takes place in England twenty years in the future where women across the globe have become infertile and no more children are being born. The governments fight hard to maintain order by creating refugee camps for non complaints and foreigners. In the middle of battles between the establishment and the uprising there is a women who has become pregnant and she is desperately seeking a human rights group to help her bring the baby into the world and find a cure for the infertility. Excellent writing and plot line here based on a book by P. D. James. I really enjoyed the film it went by fast and had incredible action sequences throughout. Great dystopian style story that has become popular over the years. Daddy says see it now or for sure when released to DVD.

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